Walker Quarries is producing a wide range of quarry products from its reserves of quartzite and hornfels that are suitable for construction and building materials including hard rock applications such as concrete aggregates, road base, aggregate for bitumen, railway ballast, decorative stone, gabion material, etc.

All products will comply with appropriate Australian Standards.

There are also reserves of high purity quartzite that is suitable for the production of advanced ceramics and non-ferrous metallurgical uses in aluminium and copper manufacture and as a semiconductor in electrical devices.

Quarry production commenced mid 2015.

*Please note: Colours of product depicted here may vary from actual product and over time. Please try to plan ahead if attempting to match colours for decorative purposes.

Delivery Service

Bulk deliveries in truck and dog at up to 37 tonne, 6- and 8-wheelers to 16 tonne. Smaller loads over 2 tonnes.

Manufactured Sands

Product: Fine and Coarse Manufactured Sands

Uses: > For concrete production. > Under slab base material. > Base for pavers and fill sand. > Easily compacted.


Product: Screened aggregates are available in the following sizes. 10/7mm, 14mm, 20mm, 20/14mm, 40/10mm.

Uses: > Fully compliant for all concrete manufacture. > Bitumen and 2 coat seal. > Block, pavers, tilt panels, shotcrete. > Decorative stones for landscaping.


Product: Rail ballast to ARTC specifications. 40 to 65mm.

Uses: > Rock drainage mattresses between geofabric. > Decorative stone. > Erosion control.


Product: Gabion material, nominal size 250mm.

Uses: > Gabion baskets for soil stabilisation. > Rip rap for drainage and erosion control. > Decorative stone as a feature with our pebbles.


Product: DGB20 and DGS40 Road Base compliant with RMS 3051 spec. Non-spec Road Base also available.

Uses: > Sub-base and base material for road pavements. > Also available through our Pugmill with the right moisture content with options of blends of cement, lime, fly ash or gypsum. > Put your road base down quicker and without segregation due to the moisture content being ready for placement.


Product: Large rocks up to 1.5m.

Uses: > Protection of waterways. > Feature in gardens or driveways.

General Fill

Product: General fill tested to have CBR of 30.

Uses: > Excellent for general fill under roadways and under other structures. > Compacts easier than most general fill.